Governance and Compliance

Ensure the compliance of your operations and monitor your policies and procedures with ENABLON. Establish reliable and efficient audit and evaluation processes.

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Companies with global operations are exposed to high risks of regulatory noncompliance from diverse nature and scope. In this context, it is critical to handle a large volume and diversity of regulations, and gather the information necessary to avoid default risks and protect the reputation of the company.

Enablon Regulatory Compliance solution empowers companies to understand the regulations, policies and obligations that will apply globally and locally, helps them manage changes in EHS regulation, and eliminate offset and default risks.

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In addition to identifying regulatory requirements, companies should also assess the level of compliance with its own internal policies and standards. The Enablon Audit Management solution helps define and deploy audits, evaluations and inspections on all operations of the company.

An automated and centralized management of audits helps raise the level of compliance and improve business processes, avoiding duplicated and inconsistent evaluation processes.

Audit plans can be defined based on historical performance and other indicators of risk, and all potential causes of noncompliance can be identified in a consistent manner.