Mobility solutions

Use ENABLON on site, easily access information and perform tasks from anywhere, anytime, using any device.

ENABLON mobility tools allow our customers to access the platform on transit, even without computer or internet connection. The platform uses the user's location to provide real-time information and help you develop your functions on site... incident reporting, inspections, audits and more.

soluciones de movilidad
diseño adaptativo


  • It facilitates detection of incidents, near misses and risk events
  • Get a clearer and more complete picture of the incident with photographs, videos, audio files and geo location
  • Suggest ideas for improvement and share safe behaviors and practices
  • Detect signs to prevent unsafe situations becoming a serious accident
seguridad incidencias


  • Perform field audits, online and offline, using internal or third-party protocols
  • Search for multimedia documents and geo location
  • Dynamic access to findings and auditors’ guides and notes
  • Perform evaluation questionnaires (“checklists”) based on legal requirements, online and offline
  • Record observations and comments during inspections
  • Post inspections in the Enablon platform once reconnected
auditorias cumplimiento


  • Dynamic and interactive communication: report data automatically from your Enablon platform
  • Design all kinds of reports, audits, incidents, performance KPIs …
  • Save time with ready to use templates based on the latest Sustainability, EHS and Risk Management standards and protocols.
  • Identify relevant stakeholders and send them information about your performance
  • Post online reports for specific stakeholders, with easy and secure access from any device
  • Facilitate participation of stakeholders with interactive and social features.