Laragon is an Enablon’s Business Partner in Spain since 2007, developing the following activities:

  • Consulting and preliminary analysis.
  • Implementation projects.
  • Training.
  • Support and deployment services.
  • Maintenance and administration.
  • Integration with other corporate systems.
  • Technical support.
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Laragon and Enablon: we are all One Team

Laragon experience in the Spanish market ensures the highest quality in every implementation.

  • Qualified technical team and with extensive experience configuring, customizing and implementing Enablon Software.
  • Laragon participates in the translation of all Enablon applications, and is actively involved in locating solutions for Spanish and Latin American markets.
  • First level local support, integrated with the manufacturer's SW support and maintenance processes.
  • Comprehensive customer lifecycle management with support services, technical and evolutive guidance.
  • Experience in both on-premise and SaaS implementation models.

Enablon is one of the leading global provider of software solutions for corporate responsibility, quality, environment, health and safety (EHS), with recognized expertise in corporate governance, risk and compliance.

Enablon solutions are tailored to suit the specifications of each sector. Its full range of solutions allows companies to meet their compliance needs, non financial reporting, and operational performance.

As a specialist in corporate governance, Enablon provides software management and compliance solutions for:

  • Corporate responsibility and QEHS management.
  • Risk management and internal control.
  • Corporate Governance and Legal Management.

Enablon solutions are robust, reliable and easy to implement

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