Sustainability management

Manage the performance of your business and your supply chain with ENABLON: coordinate sustainability reporting at all levels in your organization, create reports, set goals and action plans, handle your portfolio of projects involving your stakeholders, protect your reputation.

responsabilidad social corporativa
csr reporting


Enablon offers a complete and integrated solution for compliance sustainability requirements:

  • KPI Management and Reporting. Data collection and consolidation.
  • Reliable and efficient information Management.
  • Integration of sustainability standards: GRI, DJSI, CDP…
  • Reporting automation.
  • Increased credibility. Audit support.
  • Objectives and Action Plans definition and monitoring.
  • Forecast Analysis and Scenarios.
enablon publisher


Enablon Publisher is an online solution to design and publish online sustainability reports and EHS. Benefits:

  • Tool for internal and external communication, easy and secure, web accessible anywhere from any device.
  • Automatically collect data from your Enablon solution and automate the publication of any kind of report: audit, incidents, progress, performance …
  • Enhances transparency and improves your brand image.
  • Involve stakeholders through interactive features: comments and links with social networks
cap and trade management


Enablon helps you calculate and report emissions and manage your corporate energy efficiency projects.

  • Calculation of emissions following multiple protocols and emission factors, for local and global report.
  • Manage Energy Efficiency and Sustainability related project: deploy objectives, monitor KPIs, calculate cost-benefit analysis.
sustainability projects


Enablon RSC helps ensure sustainability at all levels in your supply chain, evaluating their social and environmental compliance and, in the process, help reduce risks and enforce sustainability.

Manage the environmental, social and economic impacts of your supply chain, reduce risks, safeguard your reputation and improve overall performance.

Establish standards and indicators, evaluate their performance, share best practices, monitor their environmental impacts and the use of conflicting products.

social reporting


Enablon IDM solution is designed to help companies assess, report and manage their contributions to their community. It allows: tracking and monitoring initiatives and donations.

  • Having a description of all projects
  • Identify organizations involved
  • Investment control (type, amount …)
  • Identify community benefits (qualitative and quantitative)
  • Multiple reports to analyze and share this information
action plans


Enablon CRM helps manage the relationships with stakeholders and materiality analysis. It allows:

  • Identify the challenges posed by the activities of the company, their respective risk levels and controls.
  • Identify, classify and group stakeholders in accordance with their respective impact on the company.
  • Assess the level of concern of stakeholders and conduc materiality analysis with standards such as AA1000 and GRI.
  • Contact management and interactions recording with stakeholders.