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We help companies define and deploy their Sustainable Development strategies.

Our mission and values

All organizations suffer a permanent process of adaptation to the environment. The strategic objectives mark the route to follow, but this course is permanently altered by:

  • External factors (legislation, competition, stakeholders) that require additional resources or influence our strategy.
  • Internal factors (conflicting priorities, communication barriers to strategies, inadequate management and control systems and tools ...) that limit performance and our ability to improve.

We implement high-impact and long range solutions to align organizations with their Sustainability Strategies.

Laragon is a consulting firm specializing in projects of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability, which was established in 2006 to advise companies in the deployment of their strategies.

We are a young and dynamic company with international projection and core competencies in:

  • Information technology.
  • Operational Consulting.
  • Human resources development.
  • Financial management, internal control and risk management.
  • Quality and Environmental management systems.

Our vision

We help companies create and deploy their models of sustainable development by implementing tools for:

  • Communicating company values, achieving corporate reputation for its commitment to society beyond legal requirements.

  • Improve long-term competitiveness through excellence in performance.

  • Identify and manage corporate risks, assessing their impacts and establishing effective control policies.

  • Anticipating changes in a global scenario and achieve positions of competitive advantage and differentiation.

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Antonio Aragón

Executive MBA from IESE, Senior CSR Program by the Instituto de Empresa, and more than 20 years of experience in Technology Consulting. Currently, he directs the Customer Success Team in Enablon NA based in Chicago, USA.   "The distance between wanting and power is shortened by training"

María Cortes

Founder member and CEO, Maria has over 10 years of experience implementing management solutions. For over 15 years she has held senior positions in financial and management control departments of major international companies. She is MBA from IESE and an auditor member of the ROAC.

"Care for the Earth, It is the only planet where there chocolate. "